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How do you define graphic design?

Our definition… projects undertaken to convey a specific message to a targeted audience – visual communication! At CDC we can deliver all the necessary disciplines to provide you, the client, with all the right ingredients to reach your chosen goal:

•  Annual reports 

•  Point of sale  

•  CD inlays & booklets  

•  Iconic design & signage  

•  Posters  

•  Presentation material  

•  General artwork  

•  PowerPoint presentations  

We also have a vast amount of experience creating and integrating elaborate animations and artwork into PowerPoint presentations. Used along with our copywriting and editorial support, we can provide clients with a complete presentation package for seminars, training events, sales pitches and exhibitions.

“I know we can always rely on you for a very good service.”

Jeff Wood
- CIPD Publishing
 Operations Manager

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